Did Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice Go To Jail? Serve Time Behind Bars?

For years now there has been all sorts of rumors regarding Kimbo Slice also known as Kevin Ferguson being a convicted felony. Many have tried to make him out to be some sort of deadbeat but the fact is it’s just not true. Kimbo Slice is NOT a felon and no he did not spend 10 years in prison prior to his backyard street fighting days. In fact prior to street fighting Kimbo Slice was working as a bodyguard and limo driver for his friend and manager Icey Mike. Prior to his body-guarding days Kimbo was playing football for college and tried out for the Miami Dolphins NFL team.

Speaking of Kimbo’s football career, he actual has a son by the same name who is following in his foot steps. Kevin Ferguson II was listed as one Miami’s top high school football prospects. This kid is the spitting image of his daddy and one of the only 16 year olds I know who has a full beard. I know grown men that would pay to have a bread that full. Read more about Kimbo Slice’s 16 year old son Kevin Ferguson II: Kimbo Slice’s son is a rising high school football prospect in Florida


Kimbo Next Fight

For Kimbo’s next fight he won’t just be going up against another fighter, this time he’s going up against Autism. Kimbo Slice alongside his manger and friend Icey Mike Imber are working together to help bring awareness to Autism Disorder (ASD). It is their goal to follow in the footsteps of many other Miami, FL celebrities and athletes to help use their fame and world wide known names to bring support, knowledge and awareness to the youth of today and all those world wide.

Kimbo Slice has gone from being an underground YouTube fighter to a professional MMA fighter who competed against some of the best to now becoming an undefeated professional boxer. His back yard fights went viral earning him the nickname “King of the Web Brawlers” by Rolling Stone Magazine. Now it’s his hope to use this fame for a good cause.

It’s believed that Autism currently affects 1 in 110 children with a higher percentage being male. It costs about $35 billion every year to care and treat for those with Autism. While Autism isn’t a deadly desease, there isn’t a cure and the causes are still very much unknown. Check back with us here for all the latest information regarding Kimbo Slice and his manager Icey Mike Imber.

Kimbo Slice Next Fight After Petruzelli

After being defeated by Seth Petruzelli back in October 2008 Kimbo Slice went on to fight three more MMA fights before retiring from MMA and debuting in his professional boxing career. He was defeated by Roy Nelson in The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights in June 2009. Then he defeated Houston Alexander by unanimous decision in December 2009 and was unfortunately defeated by Matt Mitrione in May 2010. Kimbo Slice Vs. Matt Mitrione was Kimbo’s last MMA fight.

After leaving the MMA Kimbo went on to further his acting career as he plays the role of Zulu Kondo set to hit shelves next week. He also started training and preparing for his professional boxing debute taking on a new coach and meeting with several big names in the industry for boxing tips and training. Since Kimbo’s boxing debute he has had three fights of which he won all three leading him to his undefeated 3-0 record. His next fight will be on February 11th, Kimbo Slice (3-0) vs Robert Bruce (2-0).

Robert Bruce has an undefeated record but hasn’t fought in the past five years. He is said to be one of Kimbo’s toughest components and is almost ten years younger then Kimbo Slice. Kimbo is already back in the gym training hard for this next fight. His manager and friend Icey Mike told Cage Junkies in an interview that, “One of the main focuses will be his cardio and improving that, along with more rounds of sparring with different types of fighters.” Kimbo himself has admitted to still needing to learn a lot in the boing world but he has had a phenomenal start thus far.

Interesting Facts About Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice whose birth name is Kevin Ferguson is a Miami, FL native. He is 38 years old and was born on February 8, 1974 in Nassau, Bahamas. He was raise in Cutler Ridge, Florida by his mother alongside his two brothers. He attended Bel-Air Elementary School where he reportedly had his first fight at the age of 13yrs old. While attending Miami Palmetto Senior High School he was the star middle linebacker on the football team. He was offered an athletic scholarship and attended both Bethune-Cookman University and the University of Miami college. Kimbo was forced to live out of his car for a month in 1992 after his home was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew. Back in 1997 Kimbo had a tryout with the Miami Dolphins football team. He was part of the pre-season squad, but unfortunately didn’t make the team. Kimbo Slice is currently the father of 6 children and is engaged to his long-time girlfriend.

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Manager Icey Mike & Kimbo Slice Taking It Slow In Pro-Boxing

When it came to MMA these two ran straight to the top. Within no time at all they were at the top of all the headlines and their names were in everyone’s mouth. Thanks to the support and backing of long time friend and manager Mike Ember also known as Icey Mike Imber, Kimbo Slice blew up larger then life. With very little MMA experience Kimbo was fighting in the big leagues with veteran MMA fighters bringing in up to $500k a fight. However, he learned fairly quickly that he was in over his head and that MMA was quiet a jump from backyard street-fighting.

They took some time, put their heads together and realized Kimbo’s heart and hands were better off going blow for blow in pro-boxing. While many are dyeing to see Kimbo Slice get in the rink with some big names manager Icey Mike says they are in no rush. Cage Junkies quoted Imber saying,“It’s from the ground up with boxing. You learn from your mistakes in MMA. He’s taking his time with it. And I really think that is a question for his trainer and the promoter as well. I just help guide the way. But when they feel he is ready, he’s going to take those steps gradually. Go from the four rounders to the six rounders to the eight rounders. I don’t think there is a rush to jump right in there. Obviously people want to see him fight huge names, but it will all happen in due time. He’s got a lot to learn and he’s only getting better. It’s a process.”

This time around Kimbo Slice is being more realist and setting more attainable goals for himself and his career. He’ll be taking things one fight at a time and will gradually be working his way up the boxing scale. Once he’s perfected the skills of four rounds he’ll move up to six and so on and so forth. There’s no saying how long it’ll take for him to get in the rink with the big names but rest assured his time will come and they’ll make the ride well worth it!

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Kimbo Slice Moves To The Big Screen

Kimbo Slice and manager Icey Mike Imber are at it again. These two just don’t quit they have proved to be a force to be reckoned with. These two don’t seem to fear any challenges and just won’t let anything hold them back from accomplishing all that they want.

Kimbo Slice whose birth name is Kevin Ferguson started his career as a backyard street-fighter. He started out fighting as a way of survival on the streets of Miami, Florida and thanks to his longtime friend and manager Icey Mike his powerful hands has now taken him to the big screens. He went from being a street fighter on YouTube to an MMA fighter to now becoming an undefeated 3-0 professional boxer.

As if that wasn’t good enough now Kimbo Slice will be seen playing his first acting role in the upcoming film The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption on January 17th. It’s a New Year and these two have big goals set ahead of them with the sky being their limit.

All You Need To Know About Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice real name Kevin Ferguson was born on February 8,1974 making him 38 years old. He is a Miami native of Bahamian-American decent who is known for his jaw breaking hands. He used his hands as a form of defense among the streets of Miami, Fl becoming the most famous backyard street fighter thanks to YouTube. Rolling Stone even went as far as nicknaming him “The King of the Web Brawlers”.

In 2007 Kimbo Slice signed his first professional contract with Elite XC and became a free agent the very next year after Elite XC went bankrupt. Slice was defeated by Roy Nelson in his first The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights fight. But lets be real that was not a fare fight to any degree. Roy Nelson is a veteran fighter who went on to win the series.

Kimbo Slice continued his career in MMA fighting walking away with a 4-2 record. He won against Bo Cantrell by Submission, Tank Abbot by KO, James Thompson by TKO and against Houston Alexander by Decision. He did however looss two fights by TKO against Seth Petruzelli and Matt Mitrione. He left the UFC after his Matt Mitrione defeat.

News On Icey Mike Imber & Kimbo Slice- (Success)

After careful considerations he decided that MMA just wasn’t his style and that Pro-Boxing was more up his alley. After all he is a street fighter known for his hands not his ground fighting skills. Manager and friend “Icey” Mike aka Mike Imber has let it be known that they are looking to do things the right way this go round taking things one step at a time. They aren’t looking to rush to the top they want to get to the top one KO at a time.

Since entering the professional boxing world Kimbo Slice has earned a (3-0, 2 KO) record. His first two competitors James Wade and Tay Bledsoe didn’t even make it past the first round against the beast Kimbo Slice. In fact his first competitor James Wade only lasted 17 seconds before getting knocked-out! His third and most recent fight against Charles Hackmann was byfar the best so far. Hackmann lasted into the fourth round but was eventually defeated by unanimous decision. Kimbo Slice won 39-37 defeating him in 3 of the 4 rounds and left him dazed and confused.

Make sure you check out the next fight which is scheduled for February 11th Kimbo Slice (3-0, 2KO) Vs. Robert Bruce (2-0, 2KO). They will be fighting at the O’Reilly Center in Springfield, Missouri. If you can’t wait till then you can also check out Kimbo Slice on January 17th in the movie The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption.